Baby Nursery

Guide to nursery furniture and decor

Designing a baby nursery can add to the excitement and anticipation of your new family member's arrival in the months leading up to your son or daughter's birth. Choosing baby furniture and nursery décor is also a great way for you and your spouse to bond and shake off the stresses of pregnancy.

There are both practical and aesthetic considerations to make when decorating a nursery. It's important that you consider both style and safety when evaluating your baby nursery ideas.

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Practical Considerations for Nursery Decoration

Baby safety is the single most important practical matter you'll have to consider. You can get home safety kits that will help you baby-proof your nursery as well as every other room in the house, but there are also some other important safety tips to keep in mind.

First, make sure that all electrical cords are nowhere near the crib. Accidents can happen; it's important that you do all you can to ensure your baby's safety even in the worst case scenario. Also, if you're going to add a nursery rug, be sure to place a non-skid pad beneath it. This will keep it firmly in place and may prevent slips and falls. Finally, ensure that your baby nursery has a fully functional smoke detector with fresh batteries.

Unique Baby Nursery Ideas

When it comes to nursery themes, the possibilities are endless. If you're having trouble coming up with ideas of your own, consider adding your own twist to these favorites:

  • Cuddly characters. The list of beloved children's characters goes on and on: Winnie the Pooh, Dora the Explorer, Curious George, Hello Kitty, Tinkerbell… not to mention the many classic characters from the worlds of Walt Disney, Dr. Seuss and Beatrix Potter.
  • Natural themes. The nice thing about natural themes is that they tend to work equally well regardless of whether your child is a boy or a girl. Gardens, clouds, ponds and farmsteads can be populated with cute animals like bunnies, puppies, butterflies, bumblebees, ladybugs, monkeys or just about any other animal you like.
  • Sports. Sports-oriented nursery furniture, nursery bedding and décor is particularly popular for boys, though you can certainly adapt it for your new baby girl, too.
  • Places. Think conceptually if you want to incorporate place-based themes into your baby nursery. Things like jungles, outer space, farms, beaches, the ocean and the zoo are especially popular.