Baby Clothing

From casual baby clothes to christening gowns and costumes

Baby clothing can be tricky to shop for. There are innumerable brands, designs, fabrics and styles of baby clothes to choose from, and you'll find more cute, cuddly and adorable options than you could ever possibly buy.

To make the task of shopping for baby clothing easier, experts have a few tips for new parents to keep in mind. Following this simple advice will save you a lot of money and hassles, both at the store and at home.

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Tips for Buying Baby Clothes

The number-one problem with shopping for baby clothing is that healthy infants grow very quickly. It seems that the minute you turn around, your baby has already outgrown the brand-new outfit you purchased only weeks before. To solve this problem, experts recommend that you set a limit on the number of outfits you buy. Generally, between four and six pieces of clothing per growth cycle will suffice. Any more than this and you probably won't get value for your money. Getting a layette set for your newborn is another excellent way to save some money.

Onesies, or one-piece jumpers, are recommended because they are easily able to accommodate a baby's rapidly changing body proportions. Soft, breathable and comfortable fabrics are best, and you'll probably find it easier to change your baby's clothing if you purchase items that have popper buttons.

Common Items of Baby Clothing

Tops, pants, jumpers and onesies are the most common pieces of clothing you'll buy for your baby, but don't forget about these other mainstays in the world of baby fashion:

  • Baby shoes. There are two main types of baby shoes: those for outdoor wear, and baby booties for indoor use. Babies tend to outgrow shoes very quickly, so keep a close eye on your child's growth and don't try to force him or her into shoes that no longer fit.
  • Baby swimwear. If you're going to take your baby for swimming lessons, specially designed baby swimwear will keep your child and other swimmers clean and safe.
  • Accessories. These items can be both practical and purely decorative. A baby bib, for example, can protect onesies and shirts from getting soiled during feedings, and baby jewelry is great fun for its own sake.
  • Baby costumes. Christening gowns are one of the best-known examples of a formal baby costume, though there are countless others just for fun. You can also get baby costumes for holidays and special occasions like Christmas and Halloween.

Baby clothes make excellent baby shower gifts, so if there's an expectant mother in your life, discreetly find out what she does and doesn't need in terms of baby clothing and give a thoughtful, practical gift that she'll truly appreciate.