Baby Toys

Find a great toy for baby

The best baby toys are both entertaining and educational. If you look at the classic crib toys that have endured over the decades, there is almost always an element of learning attached to the fun. Even stuffed animals have educational value; they help expand children's awareness of the world around them and help them develop compassion and the ability to take care of things.

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Classic Baby Toys

Baby swings and crib mobiles have endured in popularity for decades. These classic baby toys help develop your child's motor skills and sense of spatial perception while adding a homey design touch to your nursery.

Stuffed animals are for kids of all ages, but they're of extra value to babies and young children. In addition to being outlets for care and compassion, stuffed animals help to socialize infants by mimicking human behavior and using animals to practice recently acquired social skills.

Playhouses stimulate children's imaginations, which is an essential practical function of all good baby toys. Other classic favorites include building blocks – which child development experts consistently rank among the most educational toys – as well as farm sets, puzzles and music sets.

Today's Most Popular Toys for Baby

Two of today's most popular brands of baby toys include Lamaze toys and Baby Einstein toys. Lamaze toys are made by Lamaze International, a leading parenting organization, with the direction and assistance of Ivy League child development experts. They are staged, facilitating learning across several development levels. Lamaze toys emphasize interactivity and learning, yet are colorful and fun to play with.

Baby Einstein toys are a Disney brand, and have become very popular with parents. They are targeted at children ranging in age from three months to three years, and the brand's line includes toys as well as books, music and DVDs. One of the definitive features of the Baby Einstein toy line is its creative incorporation of classical music, art and literature into the design and function of the toy.

Baby safety is a very important aspect of toy selection. To keep your baby protected, don't purchase toys with small parts or removable pieces, as your infant may end up choking on these. If you have any concerns about a particular toy's safety, you can contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to see if there are any current filings or complaints open.