Changing Table

Find a baby changing table

A baby changing table is a convenient accessory to have in your infant's nursery. Diaper changes come with the territory when you're a parent, and a changing table can help you take care of business quickly and efficiently while minimizing messes and keeping your baby comfortable.

Choose the Right Changing Table

Sturdiness is the single most important aspect of any baby changing table. When you're shopping for a changing table, test it out thoroughly to see if it seems solidly constructed; if it's rickety in the store, it will only be more rickety once you get it home, set it up and use it to change a squirming baby's diaper.

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You should also carefully check and double-check the table's height and width. If it is adjustable, test it out in all possible configurations. If you don't have a lot of extra space in your nursery, consider getting a changing table dresser or "high-low dresser." These combination furnishings contain shelves and drawers where you can store baby clothing as well as a flat, secure area where you can perform a diaper change.

Another great space saver is the wall-mounted changing table. These accessories actually fold up against the wall, so that they're not taking up floor space when they're not in use. All changing tables should have space where you can store supplies, like diapers, baby powder, lotion, washcloths and baby wipes; the more space, the better.

Baby Changing Table Variations and Alternatives

Vintage and antique baby changing tables can add a lot of character to your nursery, and they're perfectly safe so long as they're sturdy and don't have any loose nails or rough surfaces. The overall design of changing tables is not much different now than it was a generation ago. If you enjoy woodworking, you can also make your own changing table without going to a great deal of effort or expense.

If you don't have the room for even a wall-mounted changing table, you can get a baby changing pad which offers comparable functionality but can be tucked into a drawer or closet. Just make sure any changing table pad you get is completely waterproof and machine washable.