Crib Sets

Guide to baby blankets and crib bedding

Crib sets are a great way to save some money while getting baby bedding with consistent designs, fabrics and textures. Typically, crib bedding sets include baby blankets, baby pillows, quilts and crib sheets for a price that's usually significantly lower than you'd pay if you purchased each item individually.

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Basic four-piece crib sets as well as more elaborate and complete collections are available. Typically, a standard four-piece set will include a crib bumper, a quilt, a crib skirt and a crib sheet. More complete sets will also include a light baby blanket for mild weather, a heavier blanket for the winter, and baby pillows of various sizes.

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Whenever possible, try to select crib sets that offer hand-quilted construction. Generally, these are more durable than machine-stitched alternatives. Also, make sure that any crib sets you're considering are machine washable. Typically, crib bedding can be washed in cold water on your machine's gentle cycle and tumble-dried at low heat. Accidents are bound to happen and are just a part of life as a parent; you want to make sure your crib set can be thoroughly and promptly cleaned.

More Crib and Nursery Accessories

Your selection of crib bedding will play into the design theme you've chosen for your nursery. There is a wide range of crib sets for both girls and boys, as well as unisex and themed designs that can easily be incorporated into the overall style of the room.

Even so, you should know that your crib set's design and patterns may also be available in numerous other nursery accessories. Look for matching window valances, lamp shades, diaper stackers, drapes, bolster pillows, hampers, frames, basket liners, changing table covers, rugs and liner sets.

If there is an expectant mother in your life, crib sets also make classic and thoughtful baby shower gifts. Simple four-piece sets are very affordable, and if you'd like to get the mother-to-be a more elaborate gift, talk to some of the other party attendees about splitting the cost of a complete set of crib bedding products and nursery accessories.