Find a baby crib, baby cradle or bassinet

Safety and quality are of paramount importance when you're shopping for a crib, baby cradle or bassinet. Unsafe sleeping environments are responsible for a large percentage of infant injuries, so it's vital that you know what factors to evaluate closely when you're shopping for a baby crib.

Check for Crib Safety

The first thing you want to check for is crib sturdiness. Most cribs are made of wood, and the specific type of wood used to build the crib shouldn't affect its durability much; in the crib world, premium woods are only more expensive, not stronger. You should rock the crib back and forth to see how well it stands up. Its parts should not seem rickety or fragile when you perform this test.

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The distance between each crib slat or rail should not be more than 2½ inches. Otherwise, your baby may stick his or her head through, potentially causing injury. Also, you should make sure the crib mattress is firm and fits properly. It should lay snug inside the crib, without any loose corners that can easily be pulled up.

Some other safety features you may want in your baby's crib include locking wheels and teething rails. If you're looking for convertible cribs that have sides which can be lowered, you should check to ensure it drops smoothly and locks firmly. Cribs are subject to government safety standards, and no retailers should be selling a model that doesn't meet all requirements.

Crib Styles to Choose From

Convertible cribs are very popular, because they allow the crib to be turned into a bed as your baby grows, eliminating the need for you to invest in a second piece of expensive furniture. You can also purchase portable cribs that collapse for easy storage if you take a lot of overnight trips.

Crib tents are ideal for preventing baby toys and accessories from being tossed around the room. They offer an attractive and practical solution for baby-proofing your nursery.

Baby cradles or bassinets are often sold alongside cribs, and many parents find these accessories very helpful. They're lightweight and portable, allowing you to move anywhere in the house yet still provide your infant with a comfortable and safe place to doze off.

A quality crib can last for years, so if you take the time to select the right product when you have your first baby, you may not need to buy another one if and when you choose to have more children.