Baby Carrier

Find a baby backpack or baby sling

A baby carrier is a godsend for parents who want to give their poor arms a rest or take care of simple chores while tending to their baby. Manufacturers have responded to this need with a wide variety of products – everything from simple baby slings to full baby backpacks for longer trips. As a consumer, you should know about the defining features of each baby carrier style and choose the one that best fits your needs.

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Types of Baby Carriers

The frontal baby carrier, or baby sling, is the most basic design. These baby carriers are safe and simple, and allow you to position the baby either looking away from you or facing your body. Baby slings are easy to use and wear, and are fully adjustable to suit parents of all heights.

Baby backpacks are more elaborate, requiring sturdy frames and straps to keep the baby properly positioned. They are, however, ideal for going on hikes or long walks: they evenly distribute the baby's weight, so they are safe and comfortable to wear for an extended period of time.

If your baby weighs less than 40 pounds, a hip sling offers the ultimate combination of convenience and portability. They are small, so they can easily be stashed in your diaper bag, and they typically attach at your hip so you can nurse or cradle your baby with some added support. It can take a little while to get the hang of proper baby hip-carrier usage, though. Unpadded and padded versions are available.

So-called "Asian baby carriers" typically consist of little more than long strips of cloth attached to a rectangular sheet of fabric. Their ingeniously simple design allows you to carry your baby on your front or your back, and facing toward you or away from you, whichever is most comfortable for the two of you.

Popular Baby Carrier Manufacturers

You will find many quality products on the market when you shop for a baby carrier, but a few of today's best-selling brand names include BabyBjörn carriers, Ergo baby carriers, Evenflo baby carriers and Kelty baby carriers. These companies are known for safety and quality, and their products are well-received by consumers and product review agencies.