Baby Shower Invitations

Baby shower invitation ideas

Baby shower invitations tell recipients much more than where and when the party will be held. They clue your guests in to the theme for the party, whether or not gifts are required, and whether the event is casual or formal. This is achieved both through the baby shower invitation wording and the visual elements used in the actual invitation card itself.

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Baby Shower Invitation Wording

No matter what baby shower invitation ideas you have for stylistic details like font and color scheme, always include the basics: make sure you specify the guest of honor and list the time, date and venue. Also, indicate whether or not the party will be a surprise. Wording for baby shower invitations should also clearly indicate to guests who they should RSVP to, and by what date. Even the most unique baby shower invitations must convey this important information.

You should also indicate whether or not guests should bring shower gifts, such as baby toys or books offering parenting advice. While it was common, once upon a time, for a woman to be given only one baby shower – for her first child – many women are now given multiple showers, even for the same baby. If it's the mother-to-be's second shower for the same baby, guests may not need to go to the effort and expense of getting gifts.

Online Baby Shower Invitations

While it is a nice touch to purchase cards and hand-address the envelopes, you can get free baby shower invitations from many online sources, which can save you a lot of time and money. Also, many social networking websites allow you to create events and invite guests online, eliminating the need for paper invitations altogether.

You can also download printable baby shower invitations from party-planning websites, or make use of online baby shower invitation templates. A baby shower invitation template is a great timesaver, as all you need to do is plug in the mother-to-be's name and the date, time and venue of your event in the given fields, and print the invitations off. Going this route means spending less on your baby shower invitations, which leaves you with a little more money that you can use to plan a better party.