Pregnancy information and support

Pregnancy can be exciting, frightening and confusing all at once, especially if you have not experienced it before. Your body will start behaving differently from the very beginning, which may leave you wondering what to do, what not to do and what to expect. The better you understand your pregnancy, the easier it will be to eliminate anxiety and enjoy your next nine months, so it's important to learn about where to turn for pregnancy help, support and information.

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Using a Pregnancy Guide

From getting pregnant to giving birth, you can find an overwhelming amount of pregnancy information online, in magazines and through the grapevine of well-meaning mothers. But where do you start, and how will you navigate through the world of prenatal facts and figures?

Every pregnancy guide should offer clear and helpful information, which will create the foundation for a healthy pregnancy. The more you know about what your body is going through and how that can make you feel, the better you can ensure pregnancy health. Learn how to prepare your body for pregnancy with helpful tips from doctors, naturopaths and nutritionists; what you take into your body can affect your fertility, and thus will play a big part in your pregnancy even before conception.

Stay on track with a pregnancy calendar, which will break up the forty weeks of your pregnancy into trimesters and tell you what you can expect at each step of the way. Look online for a calendar that can calculate your due date and offers a week-by-week breakdown of your baby's development and your probable symptoms. Pregnancy stages will bring certain feelings and experiences that are common for most women, but you will likely have some unique experiences, too. Rather than take any one book or website at its word, compare different pregnancy guides before you worry that you may not be developing "normally."

Finding Pregnancy Support

In addition to the physical strain, you may find that pregnancy packs an emotional punch. For some women, personal circumstances, such as the prospect of single parenting, can compound this emotional tension and leave them feeling worried and alone. Luckily, there are hundreds of places to get answers to your pregnancy questions, and support networks to help you overcome any hurdle, from an unplanned pregnancy to pregnancy complications. The Internet is a good place to begin, as you can find a number of forums that allow you to share your concerns and questions anonymously with healthcare professionals and other pregnant women. The Sidelines National Support Network is a great online resource, and most cities have support centers that you can visit in person.