Maternity Clothes

Guide to maternity wear

As your tummy gets bigger and your range of motion gets smaller, you will likely want some comfortable clothing that suits your style as much as your body. Luckily, there are plenty of retail stores that make specialty maternity wear in many cute styles for every body size and for any type of occasion.

Types of Maternity Clothing

If your pregnancy is taking you through the summer, or you are planning for a beach vacation, you will likely need a new swimsuit that will take your belly into account. Whether a one-piece or two-piece style, maternity swimwear is generally designed to adjust to your growing body, which means that the bottoms will be cut to sit under the belly, or in the case of a one-piece suit, the side seams will be gathered to accommodate a growing tummy. Look for halter or wide tank straps for more bust support and a stylish skirt bottom if you would like more hip and leg coverage.

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Although trendy maternity clothes are attractive, they can be quite expensive as well. You can find many companies that sell the newest maternity styles worn by hip celebrities, but if you look around online you can find some comparably cute cheap maternity clothes that will save you a load of cash. Maternity tops with an empire waist are tasteful, feminine and probably the most comfortable shirt style out there, and the same goes for maternity dresses. In fact, you may already own a couple of garments like these that will get you through a good part of your pregnancy.

You may want to invest in a pair or two of maternity jeans or khakis to wear to work, which will also go very well with your pretty maternity tops. On the other hand, you may want to simply buy some jogging pants in a larger size, or use a belly belt with your favorite pair of jeans rather than opt for specialty maternity pants until the last stretch of your pregnancy.

When and Where to Buy Maternity Clothing

To begin, try to balance your shopping excitement with a realistic budget. Maternity clothes can be pricey, and you will only be wearing them for a few months. A prudent approach will be to buy items as you need them—you will likely find that your regular clothes will continue to work just fine for quite a while, and so the only things you may need to buy in the first months of pregnancy are a maternity bra and some cute leggings or drawstring pants that will comfortably stretch with your belly.

If you are particularly voluptuous or petite, it may be difficult to find maternity clothing that flatters and fits properly. Plus-size maternity clothes can often be substituted for clothing that is one or two sizes larger, as larger women typically gain less weight than average during pregnancy. On the other hand, some of the trendy belly-hugging styles will be very flattering for shorter women, as petite maternity clothes look best when they show off your curvy figure rather than hide it with excessive fabric.