Maternity Bra

Maternity lingerie and nursing bras

One of the first body parts to demand new clothes will be your breasts, as they can increase in size quite quickly following conception. A good maternity bra will comfortably support your breasts as they grow throughout the next nine months, which should also prevent undue stress on your back. Learn how to find a maternity bra that fits properly, looks great and keeps you in comfort.

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Maternity Bras

Practical maternity bras can be difficult to find if you don't know what features to look for. A very important part of any bra is support—look for wide, cushioned elastic straps, a firm band that will sit under your bust and cups that fit your body now. Most women will likely need to buy a maternity bra for the first part of their pregnancy and a larger nursing bra for the later stages, so don't buy a bra that will sacrifice support now for fit later.

Different styles will fit differently, even if they are the same size. Try on plenty of maternity bras to find one or two that work with the contours of your body, but remember to look for a back closure that has at least four rows of hooks to allow for a lot of adjusting. A good plus-size maternity bra can be a little more difficult to find, but you can find some specialty stores that offer sizes over 40DD. If you find that your cup size is rather static while your band size is increasing as your rib cage expands, you can purchase a bra band extender to add an extra two inches instead of shelling out the cash for a new maternity bra.

For the later stages of your pregnancy and after delivery, you will need a nursing bra if you plan to breastfeed. A nursing bra will generally provide more support than a regular maternity bra, with flaps on the cups to allow for easy breastfeeding. A good place to look for a nursing bra is in a specialty baby store that sells other stuff for newborn babies, like baby clothing and diaper bags.

Maternity Underwear

As your tummy grows, you may find that regular underwear sits uncomfortably tight over the lower part of your belly. Maternity underwear is designed to allow your body to move freely as it changes shape, and it often combined with a maternity girdle to support the belly and relieve lower back pain. To prevent swollen legs and ankles and varicose veins that can result from restricted blood flow, you can invest in maternity hose or stockings that will compress the legs to some degree. You will be able to find maternity hose at medical supply stores, department stores or online.

While conventional maternity bras and underwear typically favor practicality over flair, many women like to splurge on some sexy maternity lingerie to rejuvenate their self-image and their sex life. Although maternity lingerie is less supportive than other maternity underwear, it will often feature lacy full-coverage bras and bodices for support and sensual fabrics like silk and satin. Check out online companies like Cake Lingerie and HOTmilk.