Maternity Pants

From maternity jeans to maternity scrubs

Although billowy tops and loose sun dresses can get you pretty far in your pregnancy, your regular pants can quickly become too tight for comfort. Maternity pants are designed for your growing belly, and many brands offer all sorts of trendy styles that are modified to suit and support a pregnant body. Find out what to look for in maternity pants, where to find them and how to maximize your comfort.

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Maternity Pant Styles

Although some of your favorite pants will get you pretty far, you will find that jeans won't be very forgiving as your pregnancy progresses. Most jeans have little to no stretch in them, so as your figure begins to resemble a fish bowl instead of an hourglass, you will probably need to invest in a new pair of maternity jeans. Most brands are fitted with an extra wide and flexible waistband with belt loops which will let you wear them from the early stages to the late stages of your pregnancy. Maternity overalls can be a good alternative to jeans in the late stages of pregnancy, when comfort takes full priority.

Like maternity pants, most maternity shorts are designed to sit below the belly rather than across the widest part, and will have a firm but stretchy band of fabric for support. The band can range from a few inches wide to a large tube of lightweight, stretchy fabric that covers the whole belly, depending on the amount of support that you need. If you would like the support without the pants, look for a maternity belt that you can wear below your tummy; some also have straps that are worn over the shoulder to provide ultimate support for a heavy belly, and can be worn under almost any outfit.

For doctors and nurses, scrubs can become restrictive as the pregnancy moves along. Luckily, there are maternity scrubs that will allow for a bulging belly without being overly billowy and disproportionate. Like other maternity clothing, maternity scrubs will come with a stretchy panel in the pants, and the top will likely be cut longer in the front so it hangs evenly.

What to Look for in Maternity Pants

Maternity pants should be supportive if you plan to be on your feet, but the most important feature will be comfort. For larger women, plus-size maternity overalls are probably the most comfortable choice, as they won't restrict your belly and they can often be worn through every season during your pregnancy. The front panel will be larger than regular overalls, and the adjustable straps will allow the overalls to grow along with your belly.

If you can't find the right overalls, consider some other comfortable styles of plus-size maternity pants, like leggings or drawstring jogging pants. Tall maternity pants can be difficult to find, and if you can find a store online or in your local area that can accommodate you, you can always have a tailor adjust the waistband of a pair of pants that you already own. Alternatively, you may want to consider long, flowing skirts to fit and flatter your figure. Begin your search online, where more specialty maternity and baby clothing companies are popping up every day.