Unplanned Pregnancy

Dealing with an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy

An unwanted pregnancy can bring dark and confusing emotions for many women, and the path you choose can be the most difficult decision you will ever have to make. Although you may feel utterly alone in your dilemma, there are plenty of resources that offer physical and emotional support. Find out about options for unwanted pregnancy and where to go for unwanted pregnancy help.

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Unwanted Pregnancy Options

The three main options to consider are adoption, abortion and keeping the baby. Your decision will undoubtedly take several factors into account, but do make sure that you weigh your options carefully to choose the right path for you. It can be helpful to talk to people you love and trust to help sort out your feelings, but be careful not to put the feelings of others before your own values and comfort.

Choosing parenthood will mean a thorough commitment to the welfare and development of your child. This can be intimidating to think about if you're not yet ready to raise a child, even if you feel that you may want children down the road. However, raising a child can also be a positive and rewarding experience, especially if you have a strong support system to lean upon. If you do decide to keep the baby, begin a prenatal care routine right away.

Adoption is a compassionate choice that will bring happiness to a deserving couple, but it can be a difficult route for some women who must deal with an unplanned pregnancy. The terms of an open adoption can range from occasional contact with your child to a close relationship with the adoptive family, while a closed adoption will sever your relationship with your child and the adoptive family. Each option can be emotionally taxing, and will require legal counsel.

Many women decide that abortion is the best option for them at this point in their lives. Only a professional medical institution will be able to guarantee a safe and legal abortion procedure, whether it is medical or surgical in nature. A medical abortion uses two pills to terminate the pregnancy, but can only be conducted during the first seven weeks. A surgical abortion is the only method used to terminate a later pregnancy, up to the 20th week. Since it is more invasive than a medical abortion, you may need to remain at the clinic for monitoring after the procedure.

Help for Unplanned Pregnancies

If you have decided to have an abortion, you can visit a Planned Parenthood center in your city for any more information you may need, and to have the procedure done. Whichever family planning clinic you choose, you should feel comfortable with the staff, the information they can provide and their services. Do not be afraid to ask many questions—a good family planning clinic will be concerned with the needs and comfort of every individual.