About Family Pregnancy Plan

About Family Pregnancy Plan

For any woman or couple, pregnancy can be an exciting, happy, scary and overwhelming experience, all at once! That's why we've put together this site, loaded with helpful information for parents-to-be, from knowing the telltale signs you're pregnant, to choosing all those supplies you'll need as soon as your little one is born. Plus, our amazing week-by-week guide lets every pregnant woman know what she can expect as her body changes throughout each trimester.

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Birth Injury

Birth Injury

Dealing with Injuries

Birth injuries are very rare in the United States today, but they do happen. Learn more about the most common kinds of these traumas.

Birth Injury
Prenatal Testing

During your pregnancy, advanced technology can tell you how your baby is developing.

Baby Products

Babies need a lot of stuff – get shopping tips for everything pink, blue and beyond.

What Expectant Mothers Can Expect

Becoming a parent is life-changing, but pregnancy also brings many changes of its own – to your body, your emotions, your wardrobe and, possibly, your entire lifestyle.